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Just in time for Opticon, we launch Epinova AI Assistant!

A game-changer in the editor's content work

Epinova is now launching a powerful solution that streamlines a range of time-consuming editor activities within Optimizely's editor interface.

Illustration with a computer screen in editor mode and a small robot next to it

Epinova AI Assistant is created to facilitate and simplify the workflow for you as an editor. Through simple questions (prompts) inside the editor mode, you can quickly and easily get suggestions for texts, work with translations, auto-generated Meta title and Meta description and suggestions for ALT texts for images! 

Imagine having your own assistant when you're at your busiest as an editor when you're creating and updating pages, all you need inside Optimizely's editor interface. 

Learn more about Epinova AI Assistant

Interested in our innovative AI assistant?

Do you want to take the step towards a more efficient, productive and creative content process? Then you should get in touch with us!