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Episerver is now called Optimizely

From Alvik to New York in 20 years

Episerver is a well-established name in Sweden in web publishing, as many companies, authorities and organizations use the CMS platform for their external websites and intranets. Nowadays, both the company and the product are called Optimizely.

The company Elektropost was started in the late 90s by the founder Mikael Runhem. From the beginning, they developed a mail system, Episerver, but during the early 2000s, the focus became web policing in what is called a CMS platform, content management system.

Three important target groups

The CMS product Episever enabled editors to publish content on a website without having to know HTML. Great emphasis was placed on three target groups, customers, developers and editors. The customers received a secure and good system with ready-made functions and where they could launch their websites faster.

The developers received a product based on Microsoft technology and with an open architecture, which made it easier to develop in and integrate external systems with.

The editors got a user-friendly interface, with a tree structure with preview so that you can clearly see the pages and the content you are creating. Episerver quickly became known as the "editor's tool", and popular among editors, precisely for its ease of content creation.

From Alvik to New York

As the product was developed with new functions and additional modules, the company expanded beyond Sweden's borders, both in the Nordics, the UK and the rest of the world. The journey has gone from the small company in Alvik outside Stockholm, to an international product company with over 1500 employees and head office in New York 20 years later.

Sales are made via a partner network, where partners are divided into different levels based on both sales and number of certified developers. Today, the company has over 700 partners at various levels.

Episerver changes name to Optimizely

In 2020, Episerver bought the company Optimizely, and in 2021 both the platform and the company changed their names to Optimizely, as Optimizely is a more well-established name in the US.