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Our services

A Leading Optimizely Expert in the Nordics

It is not a coincidence that determines whether projects are successful – one of the reasons is excellence! We are a leading agency in the Nordics focused on the Optimizely platform. We provide professional expertise, with flexible ways of working and have experience from hundreds of large and small deliveries.

Epinova offers

At Epinova, we help you make the right choice when it comes to your website, intranet or e-commerce solution. We can support you throughout your entire digital journey – from strategy, UX, design, development and launch – to management, further development and support. We work with the Optimizely platform and with our development framework we speed up your time-to-market!

Websites and e-services

Epinova is an expert company building websites and e-services based on the Optimizely platform (formerly Episerver).


By combining solid expertise with comprehensive advice, we transform our customers' ambitions into competitive advantages. With our custom framework for e-commerce projects, we reduce your time to market.

Customized business systems

Our expertise extends beyond web development. We also design and implement customized systems that optimize your business.

Maintenance and support

We want your solution to function optimally and support your needs – also after launch. A management agreement with us guarantees you top class support.

Our modules and packaging

Epinova has a number of reusable modules for Optimizely that are often included in our deliveries. Here you can read about some of them.

Want to upgrade to the latest version of Optimizely?

Many organizations love Optimizely but struggle with the fact that they still have the old generation of Optimizely CMS 11 or Commerce, and how to move forward.

Our development framework – "more bang for your buck"!

The Epinova framework is a platform and is based on our philosophy of component thinking and reusability, i.e. not to build something half-good 10 times but to build a function really well once so that it can be reused in multiple solutions. It lowers time-to-market and improves the quality of the solution.

Optimizely One – a "marketing operating system"

Optimizely One's complete product suite gives you access to the entire marketing lifecycle. Planning, content, experimentation and analysis. Simple and easy!

What we do

With our broad experience bank, we adapt our way of working to each customer's circumstances for the best possible results.

Our AI Assistant frees up valuable time!

  • Automates time-consuming editing tasks
  • Accessed directly via Editor Mode
  • Customizes your texts with just a few clicks
  • Suggests metadata and alt texts with precision
  • Offers spell checking
Epinova's Cartoon AI Assistant

Contact us!

We are happy to help you develop a completely new website – or take care of and improve your current solution.