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How much does it cost to migrate to Optimizely 12 and .Net8?

By Joy Falk Reading time: 2 minutes

In these budget times, we at Epinova get a lot of questions about what an upgrade or migration to a new generation platform costs.

First, let's sort out the background to why the need exists. 

In 2021, Optimizely released a new generation of the platform built on .Net 5. The last time Optimizely (formerly Episerver) made a similar shift was when it went from traditional ASP to the .Net Framework in 2002. 

1-1 migration with Epinova's migration tools  

For some customers, it's enough to just do a pure backend migration, provided the frontend code is of a newer standard. Doing a pure 1-1 migration of a solution usually takes between 2-3 months with Epinova's migration tool, which means a cost of about 300 000 - 500 000 SEK depending on how complex the solution is, but the time and cost can also be more or less depending on complexity and the condition of the solution.   

The benefits of migrating to the new generation of Optimizely are brief;  

  • No further development of the old platform (up to version 11) will be done by Optimizely, which means that you need to migrate the solution to the new one to be able to take part in the development. 
  • Performance is significantly improved 
  • Cross-platform 
  • Lower operating costs 
  • Lower environmental impact (requires less server power) 

Code Review - Fixed Price 

Before carrying out a migration project, we usually recommend that we first conduct a code review. This gives a good picture of how the solution is doing, what its strengths and weaknesses are, how extensive and complex it is, etc. We have a fixed price for code review and a well-developed model for implementation and delivery. Contact us for price and more information.  

When is the best investment to rebuild the website?

Not only do some customers need a pure 1-1 migration of their website, but they may also need to revisit the front of the web. You may also have an outdated frontend that contains old libraries and that takes a lot of time to manage and that can pose security risks, or a UX design that needs to be reviewed and updated. In those cases, we need to look at how much of the code should be rewritten.

If all front-end code needs to be rewritten, at the same time as the solution needs to be migrated, and perhaps also contains some code debt, then the best investment is usually to completely rebuild the website. It is usually faster and provides the most benefit and value, but then instead gives a larger project and requires more involvement of you as a customer. 

In order not to have to rebuild everything from scratch, our solutions are built on our high-quality framework that includes both ready-made page templates, blocks, SEO features, front-end frameworks, image scaling, and much more. Read more about Epinova's framework here:  

The benefits of rebuilding with Epinova's framework: 

  • A modular website built on the latest technology 
  • Quick start-up with Epinova's template pack 
  • Reduced need for error correction in administration 
  • High performance 
  • Easy to work with for editors 
  • Improved UX and design 
  • Optimized for the best SEO opportunity 

Here, then, comes the hard part of saying what it costs to build a new website. Of course, it depends on how many features it has and how complex it is. If we have conducted a code review, we can more easily say what can be saved, what should be built new and what we can map directly to our framework. In this way, we can get closer to a cost estimate. Rebuilding a website usually lands between 2 to 5 million SEK, but it can of course be more or less depending on requirements and conditions. Here, a pre-study helps to define goals and scope in a better way. A very large range, but as you probably understand, it's impossible to give a one-size-fits-all estimate like this in a blog post.  

Expertise in your in-house team or project delivery

At Epinova, we are Optimizely experts who can help you with expertise for your in-house team or with an entire project delivery, from pre-study, design, development, to the launch of the new website.  

Let us know if you would like to get in contact and to talk about how we can help you with your migration or discuss the best approach for you. 

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