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SEO Vibes on Tour

By Ulrika Mikiasson Reading time: 1 minute

An event full of SEO enthusiasts and professionals 😊. Join me on my lovely day in Gothenburg.

Optimize for EEAT in the new AI search

🔎 Work more on E-E-A-T and Schema Markup. Google invests and invests heavily in structured data – if you do this, you benefit in visibility.
(thanks to CEO and Senior SEO at Unikorn, Ulrika Viberg and Head of Data Insights at SQLI Nordics, Johan Björtin)

Work with Digital PR

🔎 Digital PR is important and is really about trust and mentions that provide quality. Think about "What's really interesting?" and "What's newsworthy?". The most common mistake is to talk about yourself and your product. Good example of Digital PR: "The number of 100-year-olds is only increasing – this is where you become the oldest in Sweden", a story about old age and the fact that we are living longer. Good PR that spread quickly = proactive Digital PR.
(thanks to Senior SEO Manager at 56K Digital)

Programmatic SEO (pSEO)

🔎 How to create a revenue engine using content. Are you going to scale up with thousands of landing pages, e.g. in e-commerce? Then pSEO is for you! Programmatic SEO is all about creating landing pages at scale to rank better and increase revenue. Programmatic SEO makes it easier to rank for long-tail keywords, has good synergies with paid search (SEM), and provides more focused traffic that has a higher likelihood of converting.
(thanks to CEO Voxel / SEO Manager and Partner at Pixel, Daniel Axelsson)

Semantic SEO That Creates Topical Authority

🔎 Featured tips: The first sentence gives Google a first impression. Start with the most important things first, the higher up the important the more important. Bet on topic authority on the website. Work with headlines and Q&A connections in body texts as well.  Use short, concise sentences. Create relevance between links and page title. Remove all the fluff, stick to the topic. Use numbers!
(thanks to Head of SEO at AdRelevance, Pontus Vippelius) 


A very good event with inspiring speakers who generously shared their solid knowledge, news and trends. Satisfied, I sit down on the train home to share my insights with both colleagues and Epinova's customers! 

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