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Epinova invests in the AI platform Collabs for effective and transparent influencer marketing

Epinova AB and Syncro Group, which offers the AI platform Collabs, have entered into a strategic partnership.

screenshot from Collab's platform

Optimizely and Influencer Marketing

The purpose of this partnership is to create and provide an integrated system where e-retailers can discern when an influencer has engaged with their store. The innovative solution will facilitate stronger relationships with key influencers and thereby improved marketing. The idea is that the functionality will be marketed and sold by both Collabs and Epinova.

Ebbe Damm

With this collaboration, we go one step further. This is a strategic technology collaboration that will allow us to take advantage of the scalability we see in the platform.

Ebbe Damm, CEO of Syncro Group

About the Collabs Platform

Collabs is a transparent, AI-driven, end-to-end SaaS platform for influencer marketing. It is designed to streamline campaign management and maximize ROI. Through the platform, marketing strategies can be developed, executed, streamlined, and optimized, and payments to influencers can be automated. Users can easily and flexibly do everything from connecting with specific influencers to managing campaigns and obtaining data and insightful analysis of how the campaigns performed. This provides the best possible return on the investment made. The platform makes it possible for all companies to run international influencer marketing campaigns.

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Linus Ekström

We look forward to a strong collaboration with Collabs where we, in an innovative way and with Optimizely as a platform, can help our customers' Influencer marketing team to work closer to their web and e-commerce. We already have several customers who have contacted us and are interested!

says Linus Ekström, CEO of Epinova AB