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Granngården's e-commerce inspires

For over a hundred years, Granngården has been a hub for Swedish farmers. The vision is to, through stores and e-commerce, inspire and facilitate everyone who wants to live a down-to-earth life.

 A cat lies next to a computer displaying Granngården's website

Granngården is part of Felleskjøpet, a Nordic group located in Lilleström, Norway. The total turnover is approximately SEK 2 billion per year and includes both stores and e-commerce.


Since Felleskjøpet bought the Swedish company Granngården in 2016, the pressure on e-commerce has only increased and the time was right to build a joint e-commerce platform in the cloud for both felleskjopet.no and granngarden.se. The goal has been to improve the customer's buying experience, where the customer can more easily find what they are looking for and facilitate e-commerce purchases and also an opportunity to see if an item is available in both a physical store and digitally.

Seamless user experience

The digital service platform is made up of separate microservices in order to more easily connect the new solution to Felleskjøpet's business system. This allows you to create the same user experience across the platforms. The online store is set up in a combination of Microsoft Retail server and Optimizely Commerce Cloud. The first phase of the project was to get granngarden.se in a new costume and on a new platform.

Choice of platform

We have chosen Optimizely, formerly Episerver as a new platform and we are really looking forward to what the platform change will bring, says Monika Dagberg, E-commerce manager at Granngården. In addition to Optimizely as a platform, Granngården has chosen to use a new PIM system, Riversand, for product management, media library and master data. Riversand ensures that product data is continuously updated and also ensures that the media library and master data and other store information can be distributed to all channels.


Customer service and chat

At the same time, more generous opening hours for customer service and improvements in the company's chat engine are implemented. Granngården's e-commerce customers can now also have their deliveries sent from the central warehouse, the store's warehouse or directly from the supplier through the shipping engine Unifaun and a complex system that gives the e-commerce store access to all the company's products and stock balance.

Content in line with e-commerce developments

Granngården's new e-commerce will gradually be filled with inspiration and knowledge in both text, image and mobile format. The new e-commerce will be a stable foundation for the e-commerce development that lies ahead.

The content on granngården.se is still growing and soon our customers will be able to visit an e-commerce that flourishes with both inspiration and knowledge. We want our customers to feel that we are the helpful neighbor regardless of whether they visit us in a physical store, on social media or at granngården.se.

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