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We help you with upgrading

to Optimizely CMS 12 and Commerce 14

Many organizations love Optimizely (formerly Episever) but struggle with the fact that they still have the old generation of Optimizely and how to move forward?

Two of Epinova's developers at their computer screens

Path choice package for the latest version of Optimizely

For a fixed price, we give you a good understanding of the complexity of an upgrade for your particular solution with a list of risk areas and with a rough estimate of time and cost of what an upgrade would entail and how it should be done.

What we do:

  • A review of your source code to gain an understanding of the overall quality and complexity of the solution.
  • A review of the third-party packages and integrations you have to see if there are areas that need additional work to upgrade or replace.
  • A high-level time and cost estimate of an upgrade project
  • A timetable with actions for an upgrade and method how it should all be done.
  • You will receive a report of the solution review, which we will also review at a meeting so that you will have a chance to ask questions.
  • Based on your current situation, we can also offer a lift to a new platform based on Epinova's Optimizely framework, which may be relevant if the solution has a lot of technical debt. This is something that we give you different options for after we have reviewed your current solution.

Upgrade package

When we have done a solution review, we can offer an upgrade based on the time and cost plan that we have developed in step 1. Epinova has developed an upgrade tool that reduces the time for the upgrade compared to doing everything manually, which we use in our upgrade projects. Here we start from the estimate and with a cost model with shared risk if the project turns out to take more time than estimated in order to reduce your risk as a customer and that Epinova must have a clear incentive not to go overboard in time and costs.

We have experience in many projects, both large and small, where we have either upgraded the solution or where we rewrote solutions based on the conditions, which means that the risk for such a project is reduced.

What we do:

  • A project plan and budget based on the path that you as a customer choose based on our recommended alternatives.
  • We develop the new/upgraded solution in parallel with your existing solution continuing to be used.
  • We help you with commissioning to replace the existing solution and then also take over management of the solution (unless you wish us not to do this)

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