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Tekniksprånget inspires young people to become engineers

Tekniksprånget has a clear vision – to increase the number of applicants to higher technical education and thereby to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

Looking to the future

On behalf of the Swedish National Agency for Education, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) runs Tekniksprånget with a clear vision: to increase the number of applicants to higher technical education and thereby to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness. It is a collaborative project in which the private and public sectors, the government and employers' organisations put their heads together to strengthen Sweden's skills supply.

Tekniksprånget navigates towards the technical skills of the future with a new website

A new website is one of the pieces of the puzzle for Tekniksprånget to achieve these ambitious goals. The target group is primarily students studying science and technology in year three of upper secondary school.  They are often in an intense phase of life, with a lot happening during the last semester and in connection with graduation. It can be a challenge to reach them in all the noise.

But with a new website that is inviting and easy to use, with clear information and a modern design that caters to the target group, the hope is that more candidates will be able to apply for Tekniksprånget's internship program through the web.

Visit the website on teknikspranget.se.

We want to be able to show the benefits of Tekniksprånget, while at the same time giving candidates and participating employers quick answers to whatever questions they may have, in an environment that feels intuitive and modern. Epinova has been able to help us with this.

Thommy Tengborg | Communications Manager at Tekniksprånget

Enhanced digital presence

The ambition is also to attract even more qualified employers to participate in Tekniksprånget. It is achieved by providing relevant information, guides, tools, workshops, and webinars.

With the new website, Tekniksprånget has noticeably increased its digital visibility. Tekniksprånget works through several other digital channels, not least the social media where young people are, such as TikTok.

Tekniksprånget has not only created a website, they have built a bridge towards a future filled with technological leadership and diversity in the tech sector. With their ambitious project and the new website, they are setting an inspiring standard for the future of technology in Sweden!

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