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Our Development Framework

"More bang for your buck!"

The Epinova framework is a platform that is based on our philosophy of component thinking and reusability, i.e. not to build something half-good 10 times but to build a function really well once so that it can be reused in multiple solutions.

Epionva frameworks are displayed on different devices

All organizations are unique in their own way, but our combined knowledge and experience of both large and small web solutions shows that a large part of the basic needs are common. At Epinova, we believe in reusability and have therefore packaged a starter kit so that we do not have to develop your new website from scratch but instead focus on our customers' real challenges, and deliver services on Optimizely that quickly add business value to your new website.solution. 

Our platform also has powerful support to be able to manage multiple websites and brands in one and the same Optimizely installation, if you need different campaign sites, for example.

Developed by our skilled developers

Epinova's framework is developed by our skilled developers and OMVPs (Optimizely Most Valuable Professionals) with extensive experience and certifications in Optimizely (Episerver) CMS and Commerce. We are constantly working to improve our framework with new features and to bring back smart solutions we have developed in our various customer solutions. This means that our customers can take advantage of new features and improvements on an ongoing basis.

The framework – What it IS?

  • Out-of-the-box features and components optimized for Optimizely
  • Plug-in architecture to make it easy to add and upgrade features
  • A "toolbox" we use as a starting point
  • Our know how and common experience
  • Tested components that cover many fundamental needs
  • Improved Editor Experience
  • Templates that are WCAG 2.2 AA compliant


The framework – What does it GIVE?

  • High degree of reusability and shorter time-to-market
  • High degree of benefit early in the project
  • High level of quality and sustainable digital solutions
  • Time and money can be spent on other things than reinventing the wheel
  • Projects that can focus on your real challenges
  • Modules that can be easilly upgradeded during the site's entire life cycle thus reducing maintenance costs

Our framework also includes powerful support for managing both layout and design themes, which is of great benefit to those who manage multiple websites (multisites) or multiple brands/campaign sites (multibrands) within the framework of one and the same Optimizely installation.

In addition, it offers editors great support with flexible templates and a simplified responsive image management.