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Epinova DXP Deployment Extension

For faster deployments

As more websites are now deployed in the cloud with Optimizely's (Episerver's) cloud service Optimizely DXP, Epinova has developed a module to fully automate deployment from the test environment all the way out to the production environment. This results in both safer and faster production set-ups.

Illustration DevOps

Development teams can deploy themselves to a production environment without waiting for a hosting provider, which enables multiple deployments per day and means a more cost-effective way of working. The risk of errors is also minimized.

Epinova DXP Deployment Extension is a module based on Azure Devops that is connected to Optimizely's (Episerver's) built-in Deployment API.

We have also developed an open source module that allows you to adapt the content after a content sync has been carried out. You can both change configuration or settings, but also remove sensitive content that should not be available in all environments, such as personal data in a test environment that perhaps not everyone should have the right to see who works in the test environment with regard to GDPR.