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Optimizely names its main offering "Optimizely One"

Optimizely One is a rebranding of the flagship "DXP" to emphasize how Optimizely's suite of products now provides a complete toolkit for the entire publishing cycle, from content planning and content creation to experimentation and data analysis.

Optimizely One Lifecycle
Optimizely One Lifecycle

In 2021 and 2022, Optimizely made a significant number of acquisitions. Among them was Welcome, now Content Marketing Platform (CMP). The acquired solutions, as well as core components such as the CMS, are now joined together in a way that users can move between them more seamlessly.

A "One" platform with a capital O.

Optimizely One - a "marketing operating system"

Until recently, we have used the term "Optimizely DXP" to describe the cloud-based product family from Optimizely. Going forward, however, "Optimizely One" will be the term used. It's not a new product, but rather a form of market packaging that replaces the previous "DXP" name. A rebranding that signals, if not the end of a journey, then a significant milestone.

DXP, "Digital Experience Platform", is an industry term used to explain what these types of platforms have to offer. However, it has not served as a unique brand, especially as many other players in the industry, such as Sitecore and Adobe, also use the term for their products. 

The name Optimizely One was launched in the fall of 2023 and "DXP" as a name will thus be phased out (but for the sake of clarity: Optimizely One is still very much a DXP platform).

Optimizely One will thus be the overarching term for the entire cloud-based product family from Optimizely in the future, and one can imagine that the word "One" is used to emphasize the connection between the products.

The new name also suggests that if you're running a website or e-commerce, you'll have a single, centralized location, like a Swiss Army knife, to manage all your digital marketing. 

Why is Optimizely One called "an operating system"?

This should not be taken literally - it is not a new operating system that should be installed. It's a way of saying that all products in the Optimizely ecosystem are designed to work together, like an all-in-one digital marketing system. It includes tools for every step of the process – from collecting and organizing data, to planning and publishing content or product information, and on to personalization, experimentation, and data analysis.

Optimizely One - Marketer Ecosystem

A new way of working with marketing – with overview, speed and data-driven decisions. The result: digital experiences that customers will love.

Creates simplicity through a fully integrated product suite

In the future, Optimizely's products are intended to be accessible via a single login and also have a uniform interface, and they are built to be able to exchange information in a simple way. All Optimizely products also have APIs and several of them have ready-made standard connectors to facilitate integrations. Some connectors link two Optimizely products, while others can link Optimizely to products and tools from other industry-leading vendors. This means that you are not bound to only use Optimizely, but can use what works best for you and your organization.

Is Optimizely One a product you can buy?

Well, it's not a product you can add to your cart, even if the rebranding makes it sound like a whole new platform. You still have the flexibility to combine the individual products your business needs from the suite of products in Optimizely One. They are implemented according to your needs and so that they best suit your organization, just as before. 

How are Optimizely One products connected?

If you have more than one Optimizely product, you'll find that they can be linked together, a bit like an assembly line. For example, you can have your content in CMS/Commerce, which feeds visitor/customer/sales data on to the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP), which in turn forms the basis for segmentation and marketing through the Content Marketing Platform (CMP).

The vision for Optimizely One is to be perceived as an interconnected ecosystem. The vision is not fully realized yet, as the ecosystem currently consists of separate products, but Optimizely is continuously working to improve common interfaces, logins, dashboards, and APIs.

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