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Technology in the service of humanity – IVA and Epinova build bridges!

A modern web platform that offers a first-class experience for visitors and editors while streamlining communication and interaction with members and the community. The site is called IVA.se!

 IVA's start page on a computer screen

New website – as an extension of IVA's high ambitions

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is a prestigious Swedish organisation that works to promote technology, science and economics in various ways. The ambition is to contribute to the development of society with knowledge, reason and rational reasoning.

As an extension of this ambition, there is now a new website that reflects IVA's reputation, vision and mission in an engaging and inspiring way. 
In collaboration with us at Epinova, the web solution has gradually grown and developed to meet IVA's high standards.

A modern experience for visitors and editors

IVA wanted a modern and functional web platform to streamline its communication, disseminate knowledge and promote collaboration with its members and society at large.

In collaboration with IVA, we at Epinova have driven the assignment from strategy, UX and design to information structure, technical development and implementation. The entire user experience has been given a major boost with a modern and attractive design that fits IVA's brand and values.

The website has a close interaction with IVA's CRM system, which is based on MS Dynamics. Information and data flow in both directions between the systems, which makes it easier for visitors, members and members in various respects, while also streamlining the work of IVA.

The new website is based on Epinova's start platform, which comes with pre-made templates and features for managing the content. The platform also has powerful support for managing both layout and different design themes, something that has been of great benefit as the IVA-run project Tekniksprånget, which has its very own graphic profile, can share functions with iva.se. Manageability is facilitated and made cost-effective when functionality is shared.

A platform for knowledge dissemination 

New iva.se have become an important communication channel and a platform for the dissemination of knowledge in technology, science and economics. 

Some of the success factors are:

  1. The Engaging User Experience: The new website has an attractive design and a clear information structure. Visitors can more easily navigate, search, and find relevant information, which has increased engagement and user interactions.
  2. More Effective Communication: The new web platform enables effective communication and knowledge dissemination. IVA can reach out to its members and society at large in a more effective way.
  3. Fit for the future: The new platform is scalable and can be adapted and developed in line with IVA's future needs.

With the new website, IVA can continue to be a central force in promoting technical leadership and collaboration. By building bridges between academia, business and politics, our hope is that they will continue to lead the way towards progress and positive impact in society!

Visit IVA's website here.


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