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Epinova AI Assistant

A game-changer in your content work

Epinova AI Assistant is a game changer for web editors. It's a powerful solution that streamlines a range of time-consuming editorial activities.

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Epinova AI Assistant is created to facilitate and simplify the workflow itself for you as an editor. Through simple prompts inside the editor mode, you can quickly and easily get suggested content for entire pages, including headings, introductions, body text, and more - with the ability to fine-tune both tone and length of the text with just a few keystrokes.

But our AI assistant doesn't stop there. It also includes spell checking features and smooth translations into different languages, allowing editors to manage multiple language versions without any hassle.

And perhaps best of all, it automates time-consuming editing tasks by suggesting both SEO metadata and alternative texts to images.

Epinova AI Assistant - summary

  • Accessed directly in the editorial interface
  • Generates textual content based on your questions (prompts)
  • Adjusts the tone and length of the text with just a few keystrokes
  • Suggests metadata and alt texts with precision and speed
  • Offers spell checking
  • Improves searchability (SEO)
  • Increases availability
  • Provides increased efficiency and at the same time higher quality of your website

With our AI assistant, you can free up valuable time so that editors can focus on creating engaging and relevant content.

Epinova's AI Assistant - your best friend!

Here you can see how the AI assistant can simplify your everyday life as an editor! You can get help with spelling, summarization, SEO, Alt texts and much more!

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Interested in our innovative AI assistant?

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