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At Epinova, people with expertise in various fields, all with different backgrounds, are happy to share their experiences and knowledge. Join us and learn new things in the Epinova blog, which we update regularly!

Data flows between different environment

Automatic synchronization of content between Episerver environments

With a continuous delivery process with frequent releases, it’s important to be able to work with up to date content so that your different environments are as like each other as they can be. At Epinova we’ve seen how this – when not being automated – can lead to a lot of wasted time as well as bugs not being caught early in the process (when they have low effect and cost).

Published by Linus Ekström

Epinova supporting Open Source

Building top notch solutions today requires a high level of reusability to quickly be able to deliver a solution that caters for today’s customer demands for web sites and e-commerce solutions. To do this we at Epinova try to package our best practices as much as possible to be able to quickly get started with new solutions using best practice – but also to be able to keep our long list of customer solutions up to date. We believe in a healthy eco system where with sharing and we've therefore decided to put more efforts into supporting open source.

Published by Linus Ekström