Det var en gång..

Vi har alla hört hur viktigt det är att använda bra "storytelling" i våra kanaler. Vi vet att vi borde göra det, men varför är det så effektivt? Vad är det som gör att ord kan ha så stor effekt? Lars Jenssen - på vårt systerbolag Northen Beat - ger sina 9 bästa tips.

EPiServer content types hygiene unit tests

Some developers are lazy or just not paying attention of the attributes set on content types and properties. I believe that developers should set the correct information as soon as possible and not wait until the end of the project go through and set data to the needed attributes for content types and properties.

Enabling out of the box editing with the SelectMany attribute for a IList of ContentReferences

Episervers built in property type List is a very powerful feature. At Epinova we've used this for adding relations between items, for instance adding tags where a tag might be another content item. However, there's an issue with editing this property in Episerver that you need to fix in order to use the out of the box editing. In this post I'll show how to solve this.