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The Swedish Communication Association wanted a supplier who understands the business

The collaboration with the Swedish Communication Association started in the summer of 2021. From a solution review, takeover to us starting our first project together.

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We have asked a few questions to EvaHanna Wittrin, Head of Competence Development at the Swedish Communication Association , who has driven the work from the client's side. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the background?

We had a big challenge in that we never got on with the development of our old website. Our supplier at the time did not manage to solve the problems that arose in everyday life for us or our customers, there were recurring errors all the time. The supplier did not understand the challenges we were facing, nor the flows of our business. They didn't understand the big picture, which meant that it was patched and mended a little here and a little there and we stood and stomped in the same place.

Why did you choose Epinova?

It was really a coincidence that we came across Epinova. Your CEO Linus Ekström was very convincing when he told us about Epinova. What you do, how you work and you also felt very forward.


That a CEO who is a developer can explain the entire process, what you are doing and who has an understanding of the challenges the customers have, yes it felt super cool.

EvaHanna Wittrin, Head of Skills Development at the Swedish Communication Association

How do you think the collaboration works?

It has worked great! We bounce around a lot, have meetings and reconciliations, and then you tell us that "if we are going to achieve this, then we need to do this, and you can do that in different ways". You have such a good and comprehensible analogy when you explain technical things so that we understand, and that makes it easier for us to decide how to act. And when we want something done, you are quick to come back and ask questions.

We have more companies within the NOVA group, what advantages do you see?

I gain even more confidence in you as a company. That you vouch for your sister companies. For example, that it will be a good UXer so that we don't just find someone in town who guesses their way. It is Epinova that we have confidence in, so we trust you and know that you have a dialogue within NOVA. It is always close to having further cooperation with you. It will be a good palette as I see it, such as the collaboration with Infunnel, which works great, and it will work great with UX, SEO and all the other skills you have within NOVA.

What is the plan going forward – what do you want to achieve?

Now we have been in a phase where we have cleaned up a lot to get back on track, so that we get a good current situation and can look ahead. The vision is that we will have an even better website that is more user-friendly and more intuitive for the customer. It should be easy to find what you are looking for, and it should be easy to do the right thing on our website. Just that when we came to you and Infunnel said "let's look at how you want the flows, we don't look at touch points, but how you WANT it going forward. Which is so cool and it doesn't have the same problems as it did before.

All your developers are both communicative and listen and understand what we want, so it's really a good dialogue.

Is there anything we can improve?

No, I don't think so. For example, it's worth the extra half hours when we run our reconciliations and everyone is on board, so that we can get a consensus. We are not afraid of and do not focus on "hours". You also see that time is valuable to both you and us and you do not squeeze hours. I wanted to go into this collaboration with an openness right from the start and then it was up to Epinova to prove whether I was right or not. And I really feel that you have proven that. Just the question at the beginning how we wanted to divide into different projects, goals and sub-goals and make clarity in things that may not have been so clear before, neither for you nor for us.

Would you recommend Epinova to any other customer?

Yes I would certainly do!!

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